The future of threat detection is here.  

High-precision, actionable detections to stop attackers in their tracks 

An increasing number of remote workers, combined with a higher number of IoT devices accessing cloud applications, has made both traditional network security solutions and endpoint solutions blind to activity and data in the cloud. 

With Vectra, go beyond existing preventative credential security such as multi-factor authentication and stop advanced attacker methods using real-time monitoring of your SaaS and Azure AD accounts. 

In our eBook, you’ll learn how you can get: 

  • Agentless monitoring of account takeovers and privilege abuse of accounts in federated SaaS applications. 
  • End-to-end visibility and protection from remote workers to business-critical applications. 
  • Deep detection of attacks exploiting native tools in Microsoft 365 like eDiscovery and Power Automate. 

Ready to revolutionize your security posture?